So why write?

To let go, to access our deepest feelings our unexpressed, hidden stories, to unveil stuck emotions, to release old behavior, to listen to your heart and inner guide.

Did you ever have a time in your life where you felt you werestuck, being on a limit and didn’t know how to change.

 Our conscious intellect is only a small portion of the working of our body.

So much of the wisdom of our body operates outside of our conscious awareness. The more we are able to open and understand this wisdom- the wisdom of the universe- the more we are able to live more authentic and effective. Learning to trust, finding courage and clarity to let go! We can uncover transformation, braveness and strength.

Sonja guides you through a mindful all level yoga practice yoga, towards a journey inside, to write down your feelings and thoughts and connect to a deeper you. Finding acceptance, contentment and love for your everyday life!

When: January 19. 2018,   7-8:30 pm

Price: Early bird until January 12. $35                                                                           January 13.  $40