~Stress, Anxiety and Depression are mental health conditions that are becoming common place and affect many of us during our lifetime.

~The Yoga for the Mind course for stress, anxiety and depression offers an holistic strategy for improving mental health, helping us to recover from and develop resilience to these conditions.

~Each week of the course follows a specific theme which is woven into a special yoga practice and has a particular relevance to improving mental health. As the weeks progress we learn how to understand and regulate our moods and emotions through the breath, awareness of the body and observation of the mind. With each segment of the course we build cumulative knowledge and skills to help us become aware of and make beneficial changes in the overall mind-body system.

~This class is an 8 weeks long series, where we meet once a week for 90 minutes.

~Start date: Thursday September 21., 9:30AM

~Price: 130$