Sonja Stoeckli is the founder of Spiritual Flow Yoga Studio. Her mission is to serve people of all ages, whatever their needs may be. Her intention is to create a home for students to heal and grow stronger in mind and body. Her dream is for this studio to be a home for many teachers to serve the community and support her intention.

 When Sonja looks back on her life she is amazed at how many of her visions, goals and dreams have manifested into reality. Those desires and dreams are heartfelt intentions, “Sankalpas."

 Spiritual Flow Yoga Studio is a cooperative yoga studio comprised of a group of teachers who have come together to help and support each other, to grow, learn and share information.  Every teacher has her own voice and teaching style, a special quality and knowledge to bring to the studio and to each other. We are a team of teachers who seek to serve the community and to help students find peace in an environment where they can grow in their practice, breathe, stretch, relax and gain health and confidence.