Anxiety, Depression & Mental Health: Natural Solutions to a Modern Epidemic!

~During the first 30 minutes, there will be a presentation from Dr. Smith, to go over the following:

·       How mental and emotional health problems like anxiety, depression and cognitive decline can actually be symptoms of poor brain and physical health.

·       What are the underlying multiple causes of these growing problems.

·       How to find out what your underlying issues are.

·       What to do about them.

·       What role nutrition, supplements and movement play in brain health.

~Thiswill be a brief and insightful introduction to what the science says about it, and you will be surprised!!!

~The second 30 minutes will be lead by Sonja Stoeckli, RYT 500, certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach will consist of two parts:

1: A demonstration of a mindfulness breathing method to calm the mind and body.

2: A healthy, tasty, whole food demonstration and a tasting with recipes to take home.

You will receive handouts on how to get started with supplements, foods and movements.

~This special Seminar is the kick-off event for Spiritual Flow Yoga Studio’s new 8 week program called:     Yoga for Depression and Anxiety.

During this 8-week class, you will learn yoga movements and postural sequences that assist brain function and health that have been shown to significantly assist those with mental health concerns, along with breathing exercises that powerfully quiet the mind, and some mindfulness meditation practices. This is part of a holistic approach to wellness to assist you to put together a brain health lifestyle, and it is the consistent practice of several easy to do strategies that add up to improve your overall health and mood.

~When: Tuesday September 19., 7pm             It is limited to 30 adults.

~Sign up with the link below: